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The inaugural running of the $2 million TAB Eureka will be at Club Menangle over 2300m, starting on September 2, 2023. There will be 10 slot holders who will contribute 50% of the stakes – each will pay $100,000 per year for 3 years.

The race will be restricted to 3YO and 4YO “Australian born” male and female pacers, with Australian born defined as the mare served in Australia and the foal born in Australia. There is a bonus for the first colt across the line, but no bonus for a filly or mare.

To fund the race HRA has imposed a levy on stallions, commencing 1 September 2022. The levy will be $500 per registered stallion (ALL stallions will now need to be directly registered with HRA, not through the State bodies as has occurred up to 2021).

Additionally, any stallion not domiciled in Australia and where fresh or chilled semen is used, will incur a 8% levy (8% of the advertised service fee) payable by the stallion owner for each live foal.

Any stallion not domiciled in Australia and providing frozen semen will be levied at 15% (of the advertised service fee) per live foal, payable by the stallion owner.

To further supplement the income to support the race and ancilliary activities, HRA has from July 2021 retained all import fees, substantially increased in 2013 and collected by HRA (for the purpose of supporting the breeding industry, and distributed to states in proportion to the number of imported horses). This was agreed to by the HRA Executive members and not necessarily by the State bodies.

The breeding bodies of WA, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania do not support either the levy or the retention of import fees by HRA. WA extensively surveyed its members and breeders to arrive at this position.

For mares served after 1 September 2011 the breeder of the resulting foal according to the Australian Harness Racing Stud Book regulations is the registered owner or lessee of the dam at the time of the last date of service ( In the case of a foal which is the result of an embryo transfer, the breeder is the registered owner or lessee of the donor mare at the time the embryo is flushed from such donor mare and impregnated into a recipient mare).

There is NO “transfer” of a breeder. A mare owner who does not have their paperwork in order will not be retrospectively recorded as the breeder. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE CORRECT OWNERSHIP IS REGISTERED FOR THE MARE BEFORE SHE IS SERVED – OTHERWISE YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO COLLECT ANY BREEDER BONUSES FOR YOUR WESTBRED WHEN WINNING OR PLACED.

Note that foals born outside of WA are NEVER eligible for any Westbred Bonus, regardless of where their owner is located.

Commencing with foals of 2021/22 (mares served in 2020/21) freeze-branding has ceased and microchipping will be the sole method of identification of standardbreds in Australia.

When you register your 2021/22 WA born foal, the registration fee now includes the microchipping and DNA component (instead of the freeze-branding costs).

RWWA has arranged for a veterinary service to undertake the microchipping process, in a similar manner to the freeze-branding process – you need to register your foal within 3 weeks of birth and RWWA will then advise the microchipping service provider.

For the July 2021 Microchipping Circular to Industry with the details, click here or go to the RWWA website under Registrations and Forms at the top of the Home Page, then select Harness > Breeding.

In WA, microchipping can only be carried out by a vet, or by a suitably qualified person in the presence of a vet.

Please note – all foals born in previous seasons in WA will require a freeze-brand (if not done already) AND they still require a microchip to be inserted by a vet if that process is yet to be completed. Please contact RWWA Registrations on 9445 5507 if you need assistance with understanding the requirements and need either a freeze-brand or a microchip or both for your foal born from 2017/18 to 2020/21. If you just need to arrange a microchip for your 2017/18 to 2020/21 foal, then for a current list of Approved Veterinarians go to the RWWA website www.rwwa.com.au and click on Registration and Forms at the top of the Home Page, then select Harness > Breeding, or click here .


NEW OR RELOCATED stallions to/from Western Australia recently include:

BONAVISTA BAY (Rustler Hanover USA out of Our Lady Rena by Troublemaker USA) multiple Group 1 winner and winner of the 2009 Golden Nugget, will stand in WA for the second year at Kevin Spurr’s Spurrs Stud in Wagin (0429 104 145). Rustler Hanover is a half brother to Rocknroll Hanover and Our Lady Rena is a half sister to Our Sir Vancelot.

CAPTAIN AHAB (Captaintreacherous USA out of Acquavella USA by Western Ideal USA) 1:50.4 $143,309 winner of his first 7 race starts as a 2yo, will stand his first Australian season at Murray Veterinary Services, West Coolup WA. Acquavella is a full sister to Artspeak USA 1:47.8 $1.8M. For bookings contact Kellie Simmonds at admin@westbredpacing.com or 0435 059 777.

CARIBBEAN BLASTER USA (Bettors Delight out of Kalypso by Safely Kept USA) million dollar earner and multiple Group 1 winner. Winner of the 2012 Chariots of Fire and Victoria Cup. Stood his first WA season at Global Breeding Farms in 2020/21, with Renaissance Man relocating to Yirribee Stud, NSW in 2020/21. Contact Mike Hackett 0423 703 779.

FLY LIKE AN EAGLE (Mach Three USA out of Three Eagles by Falcon Seelster USA) Multiple Group 1 winner and NZ 2YO of the Year, is standing at Allwood Stud Farm in Bullsbrook (Mick Holtham 0421 331 586). His oldest very successful WA crop are 2yos in 2021.

MY HARD COPY NZ (American Ideal USA out of Readallaboutit NZ by Presidential Ball USA) Multiple Group 1 winner with millionaire credentials. Stood his first season in 2019/20. Location to be advised.

FOLLOW THE STARS (Art Major) Champion Australian 2yo and 3yo and now Group 1 sire. Relocated to Medowie Lodge NSW in 2021/22 season. Contact Darren Reay 0429 817 199.

ROCK N ROLL WORLD USA (Rocknroll Hanover USA out of Worldly Beauty USA by Artsplace USA) Dam a millionaire half sister to the dam of Captaintreacherous, same family as Art Major. Will stand his first season in NSW in 2021/22 at Cobbitty Equine. Contact Belinda 0417 066 481 or stallions@cobbittyequine.com.au .

SHOOBEES PLACE USA (Artsplace USA out of Shoobeedobeedo USA by Jate Lobell USA) Dam a multiple stakes winner, granddam is Blue Horizon, dam of champion sire Panorama USA and same family as Grinfromeartoear and Safely Kept. One of the finest maternal lines available. Small crops to date have produced high percentage of winners to foals. Standing his second season in WA in 2021/22 at Spurrs Stud, Wagin. Contact Kevin Spurr 0429 104 145.

REFER TO THE HRA WEBSITE FOR THE FULL LIST, or go to our links page for many of the offerings from the Australian and New Zealand studs. The following are relatively new stallions, or have relocated:

  • ALWAYS B MIKI USA (Always A Virgin USA – Artstopper USA – Artsplace USA) 1:46.0m US$2,715,368 is standing at Alabar in Victoria.
  • AMERICAN IDEAL USA (Western Ideal USA – Lifetime Success USA – Matts Scooter USA) 1:47.4m US$786,055 is standing at Northern Rivers Equine in Victoria
  • BETTING LINE USA  (Bettors Delight USA – Heathers Western USA – Western Hanover USA) 1:47.2f US$1,879,061 is available (FROZEN SEMEN) from Empire Stallions Victoria.
  • BETTORS WISH USA (Bettors Delight USA – Lifetime Star USA – Western Ideal USA) 1:47.6m US$2,781,240 is standing his first Australian season at Alabar in Victoria.
  • BLING IT ON (American Ideal USA – Alldatglittersisgold NZ – Caprock USA) 1:50.2 $1,833,597 is standing at Cobbitty Equine Farm in NSW
  • CAPT MIDNIGHT USA (Captaintreacherous USA – It Was Fascination USA – American Ideal USA) 1:48.3 US$662,286 is standing in NSW at Cobbitty Equine Farm
  • CONTROL THE MOMENT USA (Well Said USA – Lifesliltreasure USA – Life Sign USA) 1:48.2m US$1,227,832. Available as FROZEN SEMEN from KTC Bloodstock in WA
  • DOWNBYTHESEASIDE USA (Somebeachsomewhere USA – Sprig Hanover USA – Allamerican Native USA) 1:48.6 US$2,179,558 is standing at Woodlands Stud NZ
  • FEAR THE DRAGON USA (Dragon Again USA – Armbro Cinnamon USA – Western Ideal USA) 1:48.4s US$1,578,547 Availabe as FROZEN SEMEN from Yirribee Stud in NSW
  • GUARANTEED (Artsplace USA – Jadah Rose – Totally Ruthless USA) 1:50.4 $856,316. Available from Goodtime Lodge in Victoria
  • FRANCO NELSON (Christian Cullen – Notafello Franco NZ – Falcon Seelster USA) 1:50.3 $872,493 is standing his first public season at Burwood Stud Queensland
  • FORECLOSURE USA (Rocknroll Hanover USA – Pleasing Package – Fake Left USA) 1:48.8m $807,746. Available as FROZEN SEMEN from KTC Bloodstock in WA
  • HES WATCHING USA (American Ideal USA – Baberhood USA – Real Desire USA) 1:46.4m US$1,116,450 at Tipperary Equine in NSW
  • LATHER UP USA (Im Gorgeous USA – Pocket Comb USA – In The Pocket USA) 1:46 US$1,735,623 a Woodlands Stud stallion who will stand at Northern Rivers Equine in Victoria.
  • LAZARUS NZ (Bettors Delight USA – Bethany NZ – Christian Cullen NZ) 1:46.0m US$4,423,372 is relocating from NSW and is standing the 2021/22 season at Alabar in New Zealand.
  • LENNYTHESHARK (Four Starzzz Shark USA – Botswana – Albert Albert USA) 1:49.2 $3,007,585 Available from Yirribee Stud, NSW
  • LOCHINVAR ART (Modern Art USA – Ponder In Paris – Ponder USA) 1:48.6m US$1,368,456 is standing his first ever season at Cobbitty Equine Farm, NSW.
  • MCWICKED (McArdle USA – Western Sahara USA – Western Ideal USA) 1:46.4 US$5,103,271 is standing at Cobbitty Equine Farm, NSW
  • MEL MARA USA (Lis Mara USA – M L Revrac USA – Matts Scooter USA) 1:47.0m $1,028,350 is standing at Northern Rivers Equine, Victoria.
  • POSTER BOY (Somebeachsomewhere – Aston Villa USA – Artsplace USA) 1:49.1 $803,310 is standing his first season at Northern Rivers Equine in Victoria
  • SWEET LOU USA (Yankee Cruiser USA – Sweet Future USA – Falcons Future USA) 1:47.0f $3,478,894 is standing at Woodlands Stud New Zealand.
  • TIGER TARA NZ (Bettors Delight USA – Tara Gold NZ – Dream Away USA) 1:49.8 $2,375,065 for his second ever season has relocated to Yirribee Stud NSW.
  • ULTIMATE MACHETE NZ (Bettors Delight USA – Reality Check NZ – Armbro Operative USA) 1:51.9 $823,896 is standing at Tipperary Equine, NSW.
  • ULTIMATE SNIPER NZ (Bettors Delight USA – Reality Check NZ – Armbro Operative USA) 1:52.6 $852,793 is standing his first ever season at Alabar Bloodstock, Victoria.
  • VINCENT (Art Major USA – Kept For Pleasure – Safely Kept USA) 1:50.2 $598,803 Available from Alabar Bloodstock in NZ.
  • WARRAWEE NEEDY CA (E Dees Cam USA – Great Memories USA – Apaches Flame USA) 1:46.8 $1,255,384. Standing at Yirribee Stud in NSW
  • YANKEE ROCKSTAR (Rocknroll Hanover USA – Aston Villa USA – Artsplace USA) 1:52.2 $329,048 Available from Northern Rivers Equine, Victoria.



Harness Racing Australia (HRA) introduced compulsory microchipping for all foals born during or after the 2017/18 breeding season.

From 1 September 2021 in WA, there will be no freeze branding of foals born from services in 2020/21 and onwards.


The start of the breeding season in Australia is 1 September. The change to Rule 92 was made in 2016. A further update to Rule 92 has occurred to accommodate the change to the racing season in Australia

Rule 92.  (1) … , provided that the service date of the foal is on or after 1st September the age of a horse shall be reckoned as beginning on 1st January in the next but one racing year.

This means that if your mare is ready for early service, she can be served from this date. Please ensure you DO NOT allow your mare to be served before 1 September, regardless of whether the service is AI, paddock or hand services. As long as your mare is served after this date, your foal will be treated as being born on 1 September if he/she is actually born prior.

NOTE: The racing season has changed to a calendar year in Australia. This does not impact the breeding season dates.


Following a review in 2014 the Westbred Bonus Scheme was was amended and new conditions applied from 1 September 2014 for horses born after 31 August 2008:

  • payment of a Westbred Bonus on ALL 2 and 3yo races under $20,000. Yes, that includes 2 and 3yo R and C class races which are under $20,000 in stakes;
  • You also receive DOUBLE THE WESTBRED BONUS on the 2 and 3yo races under $20,000 if your Westbred WINS the race and is Westsired – ie sired by a Western Australian based sire (at the time of service of the mare);
  • A first win bonus of $3,000 is paid to the registered breeders and the same payment is also made to the owners (as recorded in the racebook);
  • The country (race stakes less than $15,000) Westbred Bonus is $3,750 and is split between 1st to 4th place
  • The metro Westbred Bonus is $6,250 and is also split between 1st to 4th place
  • AND the Country Council Derbies are now eligible for payment of the Westbred Bonus where they are under $20,000 in stakes
  • Breeders continue to receive 12 1/2 % of any Westbred Bonus paid;
  • Trainers and drivers continue to receive their percentage of the Westbred Bonus
  • AND if your Westbred horse has his or first lifetime win in WA and that win occurs when he/she is 4yo or older, the full Westbred Bonus payment is applicable!

What does this all mean?? It means you benefit from racing a 2YO or 3YO Westbred eligible horse in races in their respective age groups. You also benefit if your 2yo or 3yo doesnt win until it is 4 years old or more, when the First Win Bonus and First Win Breeder Bonus and Westbred Bonus is still paid, regardless of age.

This has been a win win win win – trainers, drivers, breeders and owners all get a benefit from racing Westbreds. If you Westbred doesnt win at 2 or 3, he or she is still eligible for the first win bonuses regardless of the age at which they win their first race.

STALLIONS AND MARES FOR SALE / LEASE  Contact WASBA if you have a mare or stallion that you are trying to sell, buy or lease and we will try to assist you. There are often mares available for breeding if you find you need a mare for your breeding activities.  Send an email to info@wasba.com.au .   Any prospective buyers/lessors must deal directly with you.  We can also provide information in our Newsletter, or look to other options after discussing with you. 


Allwood Stud (Mick Holtham in Bullsbrook),  Global Breeding Farms (Mike Hackett at Mundijong), Hollywood Park  (Debra Lewis in Hopeland near Serpentine) and other establishments will be able to assist you with looking after your mares leading up to the start of the new stud season and beyond. Click on the name to go to either their website or an email address. Some of the farms offer a full range of services from breeding to an on farm stallion and importing semen, foaling down, weaning foals, halter breaking, sales preparation, pre-training, paddock agistment and individual irrigated paddocks for race horses.


Please contact the studs if your service certificate is not yet available. Please contact RWWA if you have any queries about claiming your EPONA credits for your mare. To see the conditions and list of mares with credits, please click here

Please check out our Links page for information on stallions and other relevant breeding information. The full list of stallions is available on the HRA website (also listed on our Links page) and is updated as information comes to hand. Please note our sponsors on the right (click on the ad to go to the website) who are all providing support for the breeding industry in WA.


Studs are offering various fee structures for Breeders, including pay on positive test, pay on live foal and other time related fees and incentives. Please check with the studs to see what best suits your situation.

Some studs will also charge a working fee on top of the Service fee, and may also charge for the transport of semen. Please check with the stud/service provider what all the costs are before finalising your arrangements.

Breeders are being charged a variety of veterinary fees – some veterinarians operate on contracts for the entire season, some operate on a fee for each cycle. PLEASE CHECK WHAT VETERINARY FEES WILL APPLY BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR MARE IN. If you are not satisfied please discuss this with the stud or provider. to determine what best suits you, the breeder. There WILL be alternatives.

Not sure what drugs you can keep on your premises if you are a breeder or you have mares foaling and you train as well? While some drugs simply cannot be kept, there are other drugs which can be kept on your premises under certain specific conditions. Contact Judith Med at RWWA to confirm the requirements.


A big thank you to all the Studs that are kindly donated a stallion service at reduced cost to enable WASBA to raise valuable funds that we can put back to you for stakes, incentives, awards etc and rehoming initiatives.

The brochure with all the details will be provided when the Stallion Tender opens.

We use part of the proceeds from the Stallion Tender for our rehoming support. Last year, around $3,000 was provided to rehomers and in sponsorship for Off The Track activities. WASBA strongly supports responsible ownership, responsible breeding and the rehoming initiatives and this was the third year that WASBA, in conjunction with Alabar, donated funds for this purpose. To receive any funding, you MUST be listed on RWWA’s website as an approved rehomer.

WASBA also donates funds to emergency bushfire support through our sponsor Budget Stockfeeds and other mechanisms.

WASBA would like to sincerely thank all the studs Alabar Bloodstock, Allwood Stud Farm, Cobbitty Equine Farm, KTC Bloodstock, Northern Rivers Equine, Soho Standardbreds, Westbred Pacing and Woodlands Stud for their generous support for breeders.

The West Australian Racing Industry Hall of Fame honours the champions of WA’s rich racing history from across the three racing codes: thoroughbred, harness and greyhound. Inductees are nominated from the elite of our racing history. The induction of nominees takes place every two years.

The 2019 inductees were Jack Morris and Norms Daughter (horse), Gary Hall Jnr (trainer and/or driver) and John Hunt and Mick Lombardo (Associate)

Other nominees were:

  • Horses –  Royal Force, The Falcon Strike.
  • Trainers – Jim Hand, Bob Pollock, Charlie Thomas, Bernie Cushing, Andy Sheahan.
  • Associates – Rob Bovell, Alan Parker. 

The previous inductees were:

Horses – Im Themightyquinn and Frosty Nelson (2017), Kola Girl and San Simeon (2014).

Trainers – Lyle Lindau (2017), Gary Hall Snr, Max Johnson and Alan Woodworth (2014).

Administrators/Associate – Sir Frank Ledger (2017), Ray Holloway and Ken Casellas (2014)

The 2012 inductees were champion pacers from the past in Interdominion winners Binshaw and Preux Chevalier (Binshaw was the first WA bred winner), trainer/ drivers Fred Kersley Senior and Trevor Warwick, and administrator J P Stratton. For the full story and some history about these fantastic champions of the sport go to the Hall of Fame website www.waracinghalloffame.com.au . See the full list of inductees here .

HARNESS HISTORY …. Click here to read some interesting facts!